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Start into a sustainable future with O-Key by Messerschmitt.

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Although it seems like the world has been turning a bit slower lately, we can all rest assured: it never stands still! There’s hardly a sector that knows this better than the hotel business.

Sustainability, hygiene, security and cost efficiency are the challenges hotels have to face.

As an innovation driver for the hotel business, there’s no standing still for Messerschmitt as well. With O-Key – the safe and organic keycard – we present the evolution of the classic RFID hotel room key card giving a perfect response to the demands of the modern-day hospitality sector.

We call it the „ecolution“ – and you should become a part of it. Read on to learn why.

O-Key für die Umwelt

O-Key for the environment!

Made from sustainably cultured Ginkgo wood.

How can a hotel key card protect the environment? Simple answer: with Ginkgo! Our O-Key room card is made from sustainably cultivated wood of the sturdy tree species.

The benefits of Ginkgo wood:
  • only FSC®-certified wood is used for O-Key cards
  • quickly renewable resource from sustainable cultivation
The benefits of O-Key:
  • biodegradable material
  • eco-friendly, IMPRIM’VERT®-certified colours are used for printing
  • made in the EU – short transport routes minimize the ecological footprint
All these ecological benefits make O-Key cards a valuable contribution to the environmental certification of your hotel!
O-Key für ihre Sicherheit

O-Key for your security!

Meets highest Messerschmitt standards.

Sustainability is fine – but not at the expense of security! After all, this is the central purpose of a hotel room keycard.

Therefore, we guarantee:
  • O-Key Ginkgo cards can replace Messerschmitt PVC keycards seamlessly – no system adjustments necessary
  • the keycards come pre-encoded by default for optimal protection
  • fast availability thanks to production in the EU
O-Key für ihr Hygienekonzept

O-Key for your hygiene concept!

Check in with a good feeling.

More than ever, the protection of your guests’ health is in the centre of attention – a hygiene certification almost indispensable. Not an easy task, as COVID-19 agents survive up to 28 days and some influenza viruses 17 days on smooth surfaces, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

As your partner for comprehensive solutions, Messerschmitt has considered this aspect within the development of the O-Key room card, as well.

The O-Key Ginkgo material features antibacterial properties. Its particular material characteristics and the specific production process ensure a significantly reduced survival of viruses and bacteria.

O-Key für ihr Budget

O-Key for your budget!

Go Ginkgo now and save 10 % + 10 % extra.

We at Messerschmitt want O-Key to advance the ecolution meaning the change to a sustainable future.

Therefore, we ensure that switching to O-Key also pays off economically:

Our O-Key cards boast a permanent 10 % price advantage compared to standard Messerschmitt PVC keycards.

Special offer: Receive a 10 % extra discount on the basic price of your first order.

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O-Key für ihre Aussenwirkung

O-Key for your image!

Your guests will love O-Key.

Its matt surface has a pleasant touch emphasising the keycards’ high quality. The refined feel lays the perfect foundation for a memorable appearance of your hotel:
  • custom printing
  • choose between various surface finishings such as high-gloss effects, embossings and more

Start your own Ecolution!

Switch now to O-Key – the safe and organic keycard!

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High-level hotel technology.

Where O-Key was invented, there are many more smart solutions for tomorrow’s hotel business to discover. Messerschmitt is your reliable partner for high-quality, technically refined keycard and room management systems of all kinds. Not only demand-oriented, but tailor-made. Not only safe, but future-proof.

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